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About Section 3
The purpose of Section 3 is to make HUD-financed employment and economic opportunities available to low-income residents. HUD has recently changed its guidelines for Section 3 which removes the number and percentage of hires, to counting the percentage of labor hours achieved for a contract using Section 3 Businesses and hires. Section 3 does not apply to Supply & Delivery contracts. CHA’s Section 3 requirements are outlined in HUD’s 24 CFR 75.

The Section 3 hiring portal is a tool to assist Contractors with the hiring process. HUD’s new requirements include that 25% of total labor hours must be performed by Section 3 businesses and individuals and 5% of those hours must be from Targeted Section 3 worker . HUD defines A Targeted Section 3 worker who is also : 1) a worker employed by a Section 3 Busines; or 2) a worker who is currently or who was when hired by the worker’s current employer, a resident of CHA public housing or an HCV participant; 3) a resident of other projects managed by CHA that is expending assistance; or 4) a current Youthbuild participant. CHA will be spending the next year transitioning to this new definition. Once a Contractor’s Schedule B- Section 3 Plan is approved, the approved job titles will be entered into this system. Once the job title is entered into the system, the Prime Contractor and/or Subcontractors will be responsible for completing the Job Announcement, which will then be approved by CHA staff and viewable to the public. The Job Announcement will be posted online for ten (10) days, in which interested Section 3 individuals, or Section 3 Businesses can apply for the open position(s).

Once the application period closes, the Prime Contractor and/or their Subcontractors will review the applicants for each position, set up interviews with qualified individuals, and eventually hire an individual for the Job Announcement. All applicants will be filtered to the Contractors in order of preference, per 24 CFR 75.

Section 3 Job Applicants:
The Section 3 hiring portal is a tool to assist Section 3 job seekers apply for employment with the CHA and its contractors. To apply for a position listed in the system, an eligible Section 3 resident (whether a CHA resident or a low income resident living in Chicago’s Metropolitan Statistical Area) must log on and complete an applicant profile. Once an eligible Section 3 job seeker has completed a profile in the system, an email will be sent to the applicant when new job opportunities are posted. Section 3 job seekers may log-on and apply for positions within ten (10) days of the posting. Once a Section 3 job seeker has completed the application, it will be forwarded to CHA or its contractors for review and consideration.

All applicants will be filtered to the Contractors in order of preference, per 24 CFR 75.

If you have any questions about Section 3, please contact us at 773-342-WORC (9672) or or visit our webpage at